Eeyore's Ford Focus Tips and Tricks

Cleaning the Ashtray

I received some email from a Focus owner asking how to remove the ashtray for cleaning. I realized, hey, this is kinda tricky. Here's how you do it:

The little lid that covers the ashtray when it's closed also works the catch that holds the drawer in. Pull the drawer open until it stops, then push it about a half inch back in. Push the lid down to release the catch, then pull the drawer out. Mine sticks a little bit, and it's pain to get back in (you have to get the rails lined up), but it does come out.

The Magic of Velcro®

One thing I've noticed is that the material used to line the trunk is compatible with Velcro®! If you go to the fabric store and buy heavy-duty sticky-back Velcro, you can keep something from sliding around in the trunk by attaching hook (scratchy) side Velcro to it. I keep a fire extinguisher attached to one of my wheel wells this way.

You can also get this stuff called Velcro "Get-a-Grip" which is a strap that's scratchy on one side and fuzzy on the other. If you wrap the tape around nearly anything, it fastens to itself, and if you do it so that the scratchy side is out, you can then stick the thing (whatever it is) to the inside of the trunk.

This will even work with the trunk lid, since it's lined in the same material. That seems like a good place to keep one of those reflective triangles or something.

The Spoiler is not a Handle

If you've got a spoiler, do not use it as a handle to lift the trunk lid. It's bolted on, but it also has what sounds like foam mounting tape between the spoiler and the trunk lid. If you tug on the spoiler, you'll loosen the connection.

There's a finger grip under the ridge of the license plate area, just under the Ford badge.

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