WordPress Configuring

One of the reasons I wrote and ran my own blog scripts for so long is that WordPress is really way too complex. It’s difficult to understand how to achieve the effects you’re looking for, and it hides so much stuff behind PHP and CSS. All your content is in a database someplace, and I don’t know how to insert or extract stuff sideways like I wanted to do.

For this new incarnation of my blog, I decided to just go with WordPress, and work on learning all the stuffs. It took me a while yesterday to find a WordPress Theme that was simple enough to start with (“Noto Simple”), and then most of the rest of the day to bash on it until it looks like I want it to look.

I removed the silly boxes from around the posts to give myself a little more room for content, took the navigation menus out of the header, figured out how to get those tails at the bottom of each post, fiddled with the margins, and here we are.

I also manged to deactivate the weird composition plug-ins my hosting provider helpfully included in my installation, which makes creating posts in the browser much less annoying.