Farewell Canon (and BestBuy)

After (I’m going to say) decades of joy with Canon cameras, scanners, and printers, I am bidding them farewell.

Back in October, I decided to get a new camera before we went to Japan. I bought a new Canon Elph point-n-shoot because the previous two had been real workhorses and high quality equipment. I am thoroughly disappointed in this new one. Its image quality is probably worse than the previous version, its software is sub-par and not nearly as configurable as the previous version, and the camera itself is both larger and less solid. Why switch to a plastic case when metal cases are the main reason the older cameras are so durable?

I know I’m a little behind the curve on leaving separate cameras behind, but there it is. Another loyal customer disappointed and never returning.

Back in November, I broke (physically broke a vital part of the paper path on) my printer/scanner. It was my fault, accidentally feeding a thick items through the printer. I bought a replacement printer/scanner at BestBuy, and it sucked. The build quality was awful and even though the manual said you could feed Legal size paper, though the document scanner, this option was not present in the driver. I exchanged that for more expensive Canon, and even though the scanner driver was better, it was unable to properly print a document. It would get part of the way through a page, then spit out the paper. No error, no nothing, just failure. Scanning would quit part of the way through also.

Best Buy refused the return on the second printer, because I did not buy the extended service plan. So, farewell both Canon and BestBuy. I know I’m a little behind the curve on leaving BestBuy, but there it is. Another loyal customer who stuck with them even as they slid further and further into decline has left, never to return.

Farewell to you both. May you fall into the sea.