bookmark_borderShorou with Lanterns

After completing the Mahogany Solar Flicker Lantern a few weeks ago, I was able to get a nice evening picture of all six lanterns in the project (with lighting units installed) hanging from the Belfry. Most of the glow in the background is actually coming from the streetlight which is hidden behind the belfry roof, but this angle makes the lanterns look much brighter than they really are.

bookmark_borderDesktop Castle Wall

How about a new desktop wallpaper image? This one is in high-resolution, so it should look nice on one of those 4K monitors if you have one.

Iga Ueno

This is one of the foundation castle walls of Iga Ueno Castle in Iga, Japan. Sweetie and I were in Iga for the Braid Society braiding conference, and on Wednesday afternoon we climbed the hill up to the castle and took a bunch of pictures. The sun was setting, and it lit the Western side of the castle beautifully.

bookmark_borderNew Desktop: Heart of Heaven

Going through my photos from last May of the Japanese garden at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, I found this image I took that I thought would make a good desktop background. Please feel free to download it for your personal use.

Heart of Heaven

It is of the “dry garden” portion of the garden, and was taken from almost ground level to simulate the experience of being part of the garden yourself. The name of the garden, “Tenshin-En”, translates to “Garden of the Heart of Heaven”.